i'm Charlie! (AKA charlotte). 17 yrs, ambiguously gay/trans. i also go by a variety of different names!

I love creating! I mostly post about different pieces of media I'm into and my own works/OCs. They all have their own tags on my tumblr, if you'd like to know more. I love creating and storytelling, and am a writer and aspiring artist. My favorite genres are horror, tragedy, and comedy. i also talk about my life a lot, which does often include discussions around unreality

if you ever want to talk about anything, send a dm or ask! I'll try and always respond, even if it takes a while. I'm very chatty

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my interests span far and wide, but the ones you'll most commonly see me post about are ARGS/online horror and most other horror media, machinima/roleplay (especially MCRPs; i don't like the Dream SMP or associated), storytelling, aetherwork productions (hello charlotte, tmcftw, mrsis) and other rpg works (LISA, yume nikki, OFF...). I'm fascinated with internet history and trends, game development, and coding. here are some more interests of mine. feel free to talk to me about any of them!

(bold equals a favorite, italics equals something i'm getting into/planning to get into)

games: resident evil, darkwood, stardew valley, minecraft, slime rancher, oxenfree, night in the woods, silent hill, binding of isaac, dead cells, fallout, undertale/deltarune, disco elysium, dead space
tv/web series: marble hornets, lps popular, severance, barry HBO, breaking bad, better call saul
podcasts/audio: the adventure zone: balance, malevolent, goat valley campgrounds, welcome to night vale, red valley, the bright sessions
misc: dungeons and dragons, zoology, DAIL, littlest pet shop, stuffed animals, baking, slenderverse and creepypasta, old school minecraft youtube